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When assessing their next investment location, 44% of foreign investors
use the search engine as a first source of information.
Use Digital Demand - D2© to find out which are the most interesting locations.

Find out what international investors are really interested in

The D2© software gathers and clusters all investment-related searches made world-wide by foreign investors
into 3 Brandtag families, 34 Brandtags and 137 microbrandtags classification system.

Business Environment

Brandtags related
to business environment
Business Climate;
Corporate Taxation
and Incentives;
FDI Information;
and Accessibility;
Labour Pool;
Operating Costs

Strategic Sectors

Brandtags related
to strategic sectors


Agricultural Sector;
Metal Industry;
Natural Resources;
Wood Industry

R&D and

Sciences Industry;
Aerospace &
Military Industry;
ICT Industry;
R&D Industry


Automotive Industry;
Chemical Industry;
Construction Industry;
Food Processing &
Manufacturing Industry;
Leather & Textile Industry;
Pharmaceutical &
Health Care Industry;
Renewable Energy Sector


Creative Industry;
Financial & Professional;
Services Sector;
Logistics &
Transport Industry;
Real Estate Industry;
Tourism Industry

Socio Economic Factors

Brandtags related
to socio-economic factors
Economic Strength;
Legal System;
Local Market;
Monetary &
Fiscal Policy;
Political Situation;

Visualize the data through dynamic dashboards

Check out the examples below to understand how to analyze
the investment demand for any Country, Region or City.

Why it is important

Measuring the investment appeal of a location allows you to understand its popularity and its trend thanks to the historical data.


Dynamic Graphs with the number of global searches performed by foreign investors for a location during the last year and for the growth compared to previous year.

Why it is important

The benchmark analysis allows you to understand how well any investment location is performing against its direct competitors.


Dynamic Graphs with the number of global searches performed by foreign investors for a group of investment locations during the last year.

Why it is important

Being aware of what type of investment policies and activities investors are searching about any location allows you to understand the current positioning and strategic sectors.


Dynamic Graphs with the number of global searches clustered by family and specific brandtags (topics) related to socio-economic factors, business environment and strategic sectors.

Why it is important

With this data it is possible to segment by market at a global scale, and understand which are the main markets and top sectors for any investment location.


Dynamic Graphs with the number of searches generated by each target market (nationality) and brandtag (topic).

Why it is important

The seasonality trend lets you know when foreign investors are searching for any investment location and brandtag (topic), enabling you to decide on the best timing for promotion.


Dynamic Graphs with the number of global searches month by month for the last 2 years by target market (nationality) and brandtag (topic).

“It is as great tool to understand where
to look for lead generation."
(President, Latvian Investment and Development Agency)